WCSD Alerts allows district-published notifications to appear on district sites. If you would like to show alerts on your site, please contact us!

Because elementary schools are controlled by the district, they already should have WCSD Alerts activated. For secondary schools, your site may already be included. Simply include the following code in your site:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//alert.washk12.org/alert.min.js"></script>

If your site does not already use JQuery, it must be included as well.

<script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script>

To see if your site is in the system, add ?wcsdAlertTest=2 to the end of your website after adding the code above.
Eg.: https://alert.washk12.org/?wcsdAlertTest=2

You should see a large green box at the top of your screen with info about your site. If your site is in the database (Is in database: Yes) you're good to go!

If your site uses Joomla or Wordpress, you can download the extensions below:

 Joomla     WordPress

The Wordpress extension will work out of the box. Just add it to your site, enable it, and you're good to go! The Joomla plugin will require you to put the URL in the plugin settings. Go to Extensions>Plugin Manager>System - Add Custom Javascript. In the box next to Custom Javascript File Path include https://alert.washk12.org/alert.js and make sure to set the Ordering (right column dropdown) to "Order Last"

The following code will show alerts that are "banner" type. These alerts can appear anywhere on your page you'd like. Simply include
<div class="wcsd-alert-banner"></div>
on your page where you would like the banner to appear.

Other ways to access WCSD Alerts:

Feed Page:
To display a page with all of the alerts in the district, go here:

The background color of the page can be modified by adding &bgcolor= and an RGB value such as 255,0,0 or "black":

This code will return all currently active alerts in the system for use in other systems:


RSS Feed:

Location Specific:
To show only results for a specific location, simply add &locationID=[the ID of your school] (without the brackets) to the end of the URL.

Results may vary.

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